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Let Good Be Cabernet Sauvignon is a polished wine, deep and flavorful yet still maintaining a sense of balance and finesse. The tannins are fine, the mid-palate layered and all edges rounded - a fine testament to what Italy can do with Cabernet Sauvignon. It pours a deep ruby/purple color, followed by a smorgasbord of blackberry, cassis and earthy flavors. Finishes long, with waves of juicy dark fruit and licorice notes, resonating nicely.


Italy is at the crossroads of classic and modern, and Let Good Be takes inspiration from both. The old world influence gives a savory, food friendly character, while the new world provides a fruity punch and velvety texture to Let Good Be - a structured, complex, medium-bodied Italian Cabernet.  Let Good Be aims to show you the heights that Cabernet Sauvignon can reach in Italy with every glass of this zesty, bold, lively and varietally-true red wine.


Strict adherence to organic farming practices translates to a more streamlined approach in the cellar – grapes that are pure, clean and free from agricultural residue translate to fresh, vibrant wines in the bottle. This allows our winemaking team the ability to focus on what is important in the cellar – a smooth, proper extraction and the ability for Let Good Be to age gracefully in the cellar. The result is an elegant Cabernet Sauvignon that is perfect to serve at a summer cookout or warming up by the fire, there is no wrong time or place. Let Good Be Cabernet Sauvignon is so distinctive, so refined, a level of class that signals a triumph for this revered grape variety and historic wine region.

Food Combinations: Prime rib, sausages on the grill, Asiago or Gouda cheese, Italian white beans with sage and garlic, pasta with a hearty red sauce, dark chocolate.



Light-bodied, crisp and bright, this Pinot Grigio dances on the tongue. Let Good Be’s lemon, peach, honeydew and almond flavors are chased by a honeyed, mineral finish. Let Good Be Pinot Grigio is lively and fresh, perfect for beach side sipping, evening contemplation, and everything in between. It's hard to get it right, but in the hands of capable winemakers, Italian Pinot Grigio can be stunning, most especially in the sun-splashed vineyards of Delle Venezie.

The Delle Venezie region of Italy is blessed with a climate, geology and topography that offer ideal conditions for the production of world-class Pinot Grigio grapes. Blessed with mild temperatures, perfect soils and south-facing ridge-tops, the vineyards that produce Let Good Be Pinot Grigio are situated in the most prime locations, benefiting from perfect exposure and the cooling breezes of the Adriatic Sea. Careful fermentation at low temperatures and stainless steel aging allow Let Good Be to optimally reveal its varietal expression.


Let Good Be celebrates Americans’ longtime love affair with Pinot Grigio, and the resulting wine is a lively, luscious glass of citrus, orchard fruit and tropical goodness. Every sip evokes the sunny, rolling hills of Northeast Italy that the grapes call home. A lively mouthfeel, clean and fruit-driven palate and a refreshing finish speak to Let Good Be's commitment to uphold the lofty standards of excellence for Delle Venezie’s Pinot Grigio wines.

Food Combinations: Lighter-style fish dishes and shellfish, chicken in cream sauce with herbs, baked salmon, summer salads, mild cheeses.

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